The Team

What is Sanjhi Sewa?

Sanjhi Sewa is a charity organisation that has been launched to tackle social isolation within our elderly community. Their first Charity Dinner and Dance will be held on Sunday 29th October 2017 at Manor Grove, Birmingham with tickets now on sale. The event is themed around #Recognition #Inspiration #Celebration  with artists performances & support, attendance from many respected members of our community.  Looking forward to seeing you there

Narinder Aujla

I am 52 years old and have been self-employed for the last 15 years in the courier industry also in last 6 years I have been involved in the online media/pr business as well as volunteering with various charities and doing a weekly radio show.
I have now along with few like minded people set up Sanjhi Sewa who’s aim is to tackle social isolation and loneliness in our elderly community.

Sukhjinder Aujla

I am 46 years old and was born and bred in Walsall. From the age of 17, I began my working life and was involved in many jobs. Recently I have become more active within broadcasting media and charities, especially Midland Langar Sewa (which is a charity that feeds the homeless, founded by my brothers). I have participated in many homeless feeds which have now inspired me to become a helping hand for others and to continue the selfless services which my family already do, however aiming this towards the elderly community. From this, we have started Sanjhi Sewa, which aims to tackle social isolation and loneliness in the elderly community.

Gurmail Kaur

Meet Gurmail a woman who wants to empower Asian elders by empowering them and tackling social isolation
Gurmail with a couple of friends have decided to set up a support group
sanjhi sewa….

Gurmail was born in India and came over to UK with her mother & siblings when she was about 9years old to join her father.
Gurmail has had about three & half years of secondary school education. At the age of 16 left school & had various jobs in retail outlets. Got married at 19 years went straight into running various businesses for the in-laws along with raising my 4 children. Always had a passion for media, enjoyed Punjabi music & culture so she started helping out at a Punjabi community radio station Raajfm along with that she also helped out at BBC’s Midlands masala with Arshia Riaz for a few months learning production as well as presenting.
Gurmail knew deep down that there was more to life and that she wants to give back to society.

Gurmail has previously done a couple of homeless feeds with her friend Suki & Midland Langar Seva Society from that She felt she needed to give more. Gurmail contacted a few friends and they thought why not help the elderly & that’s when we decided to set up Sanjhi Seva.

Prabhjot Waraich

My name is Prabhjot Waraich. I was born and bred in India. From the age of 20, I came to England. I started my working career as a healthcare assistant and then was involved in many other jobs. I have been involved in the media and worked with various Radio and Television stations as a presenter. Currently I’m doing my weekly Radio show and promoting my mother tongue Punjabi and punjabi culture. I’m working with mental health services at present. I have now along with a few like-minded people set up Sanjhi Sewa, whose aim is to tackle social isolation and loneliness in our elderly community.


Gurcharan Mall

Ambassador for Sanjhi Sewa Dhol King Gurcharan Mall See more.